Fire Opal

Fire opal, the gemstone of warmth and vibrancy, ignites the imagination with its fiery hues and radiant energy. With a moderate hardness ranging from 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, fire opal offers versatility suitable for a variety of jewelry designs. Composed of silica and colored by trace amounts of iron oxide, fire opal's vivid orange, red, and yellow tones evoke the fiery glow of the sun. Found primarily in Mexico and named for its striking resemblance to flames, fire opal has been revered for centuries for its bold and dynamic beauty. Its association with passion, creativity, and vitality makes it a favored gemstone for those seeking to ignite their inner fire. Embrace the vibrant allure of fire opal, a gemstone that embodies the warmth of the sun and the intensity of life's passions.