Zircon, the gemstone of brilliance and clarity, captivates with its dazzling array of colors. With a notable hardness of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, zircon offers durability suitable for various jewelry styles. Composed of zirconium silicate, zircon's brilliance and fire are unmatched, making it a prized gemstone for those seeking extraordinary beauty. Found in regions such as Tanzania, Cambodia, and Australia, each zircon gemstone possesses a unique color palette, ranging from fiery oranges to icy blues. Steeped in a rich historical legacy, zircon has been admired for centuries for its resemblance to diamond and its association with celestial bodies. From ancient myths attributing its origin to the stars to its use as a protective amulet in the Middle Ages, zircon has held a special place in human culture. Embrace the luminous allure of zircon, a gemstone that embodies refinement and charm.